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Spring Surprises

Someone came and visited our class before the break. There were sunny painted coil baskets filled with brightly colored eggs and chocolate surprises!

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Where in the World are our Hatchlings??????

We are learning that Oviparous animals are animals that lay eggs. Students will learn that the only mammals that lay eggs are the Platypus and the Anteater.

A week before the break, your child received a journal and his or her very own egg to “hatch”, with a surprise toy in a plastic egg- Please send in your egg journals. If you have any pictures of your hatchling’s habitat or travels, please send them to me and we can post them on the web site!   We have reported one sighting in Car Land in California Adventure!!!! Amazing how far they can travel!

The Turkeys Have Landed!!!

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Recommended websites

  Starfall, an early phonics and reading program, is geared towards helping and inspiring a whole range of early readers.  We use the Starfall website in class almost daily. The students will love to ...more

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All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sand pile at school.

The ...more

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Coming up! Ocean Day 2013

Ocean Day is rapidly approaching! It will be held in my room on May 9th. It is a very involved day but one that I enjoy, feel passionate about and am happy to provide for your children.

This will be ...more

Donation Requests

Donation Requests: VERY IMPORTANT!!!!

White tee shirt- one per child

Hand gel

Tissue Fish project from Oriental Trading Co. Please contact me if you are interested.

$2-$5 - for glazes

Technology News

We have 3 new iPod touches in our classroom! Thank you to Kelley Didion for getting the iPod touches for us! Thank you also to John Simms for spending so much time teaching me how to set them up. I ...more

Drop off and Pick Up and Important Safety Information!

Class hours are from 7:45-11:30

School begins promptly at 7:45. Students need to hang their backpacks in the front, then go out to the supervised yard to play. When the bell rings, students will line ...more


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Events/ Field Trips

Events/ Field Trips

April 24th Volunteer Appreciation Tea

April 26th- Kindergarten Round -up

May 16th Field Trip -Johnson’ Tree Farm

May 9th Ocean Day

May 10th –Walk for Valencia

May 22nd UCSC Field ...more

Our Last Two Field Trips

We have two field trips left!!! Please contact Michelle and I if you can drive. Please return the forms with cash, before the end of next week. Please note that Johnson’s Farm charges $7.00 per person, that INCLUDES chaperones. I do apologize for the charge but it is a great field trip.

Our Seeds of Wonder field trip, at UCSC, is also great fun. This field trip costs $6.50 per person.

Here are the dates.

-May 16th, Field trip to Johnson’s Tree Farm- $7.00 due per person, I am sorry but that also includes chaperones!

-May 22nd, Field trip to Life Lab Gardens @ UCSC- this field trip costs $6.50

- Please get your permission slips in and let me know if you can drive by next Friday! Oh my gosh, I’m saying it again!


Invest in Valencia

Valencia Fundraisers -

There are two very important fundraisers happening right now. The first one is called, Invest in Valencia. Valencia school is requesting that each family purchase one or more “s ...more

More to come on the web site this week!


The Beauty of Pollination

Have a look at this! It is amazing!

Equally amazing are Donalyn Allen's movies that she put together of our field trips to Crystal Bay Farm and Gizdich. I recommend that you check them out. Thank you so much Donalyn!!