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Mini Mermaid Running Club Registration

Time To Register Your Girl for Mini Mermaid Running Club!


There are still some slots open.  The deadline to register is December 19, and the program is filling up fast! 


To register your girl, please g... Continue
Posted by: Joanna Dang
Published: 12/18/14

Volunteer Procedure for the Visual and Performing Arts programs
As you may already know, our district received a grant to hire some teachers in the area of Visual and Performing Arts for the lower grades. These teachers will provide instruction to primary grade students while at the same time providing some re... Continue
Posted by: Joanna Dang
Published: 10/18/14

Website Resource for California Common Core State Standards
Some parents have been asking about a website for resources to support the California Common Core State Standards. 


We recommend the following state website: for more information. Continue
Posted by: Joanna Dang
Published: 10/18/14


Halloween Costume Guidelines for Oct 31st
This year, for the first time in a long time, students will be able to wear their Halloween costumes to school on Oct. 31st.  Since the students will be very excited that day we ask that you make sure that your child follows our costume rules... Continue
Posted by: Joanna Dang
Published: 10/18/14

If you have questions or comments, please contact the office at (831) 688-2013. Continue
Posted by: Nathan Bach
Published: 9/4/14

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Today: 12/21/14

Box Tops

Help us raise much needed funds by simply saving the box tops from items you use everyday. A little bit goes a long way! Join Box Tops for Education today!

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Deadline to apply for Intra-District Transfer

Deadline to register for Mini Mermaid Running Club

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First Day of Winter

Last Day of the Hidden Garden Nursery Fundraiser

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Dad's Club Meeting at 4pm, Burger in Aptos

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